There are coatings on aluminum garden furniture to prevent corrosion. Therefore, cleaning methods such as scrubbing or chemical liquids should not be used in cleaning aluminum garden furniture. Such cleaning processes will dull the color of the coating and the coating or paint will fall off and subsequently rust or oxidize effects will be seen in those areas over time. Cleaning in aluminum garden furniture should be done first with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.

Aluminum Garden Furniture is a product with higher outdoor resistance compared to Metal Garden Furniture. Therefore, there is no harm in staying outside. However, if there are scratches on the coating during use, you can see the problem of oxidation in these areas and then the fall of the coating. If it is not in use, if it is disassembled, preserving it by disassembling it, and keeping it by covering it with a protective cover if it is not disassembled will increase the life of aluminum garden furniture.