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Juno L

Juno L is a table base made of UV resistant resin reinforced by glass giber. Produced with gas-injection technology. Can be used with any kind of tops. Indoor and outdoor. L size is suitable for 70x120 - 90x160 cm tops. Feet come with a ball joint base that provides a great level of tilt up to 20° allowing their use across a range of surfaces and applications with varying height so that adjustable feet prevent wobbling.


Technical Details

  • Base Width 60 cm
  • Base Depth 105 cm
  • Base Height 73 cm
  • Top Width 49 cm
  • Top Depth 95 cm


  • Product Weight 5,0 Kg
  • 1. Box Dimension
  • 2. Box Dimension
  • Box Quantity 4 Pcs / 1 Box
  • 20 DC 480 Pcs
  • 40 HC 960 Pcs
  • Truck 1056 Pcs
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